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TravelPAC Auction Contribution 2019


2019 TravelPAC Auction
Thursday, July 18

How Does It Work?
The TravelPAC Auction will take place during U.S. Travel’s summer board of directors meeting in Newport Beach, CA. We encourage all U.S. Travel members to join the effort by donating packages to be auctioned off during this fun-filled event. All of the proceeds from the auction will benefit TravelPAC. Please help by filling out the form on the back of this page and returning it to U.S. Travel by June 19, 2019.

Can My Organization Donate a Package?
Yes! Organizations and corporate entities are permitted to contribute packages for the auction. Monetary contributions to TravelPAC must be made using personal funds, but donations of goods and services for the auction are legally permitted.

Why Should My Organization Support the Auction?
Having a strong political action committee (PAC) is essential to elevating the travel industry’s relevance in Washington. Your contribution helps raise much-needed funds that are used to elect Members of Congress who are supportive of travel-friendly policies. Contributing packages for the TravelPAC auction also provides visibility for your organization amongst nearly 200 of the travel industry’s top executives from across the nation.

What Kind of Items Do You Accept?
Vacation packages, fine wines and rare liquors are typically the most popular items in the auction each year. However, we accept any package that you think would be valuable to the U.S. Travel board of directors. Jewelry, art and exclusive experiences are often contributed, as well.

Do I Ship My Contribution In Advance?
Please do NOT ship your item in advance. Due to liquor laws and logistical issues we ask that you please HOLD your items until after the auction. In early August, we will send you the winning bidder’s contact information to directly ship your item to the winner.

Please call U.S.Travel at 202.218.3653 or email Ben Cowlishaw at

To download a copy of the contribution form, please click here.